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GammaStone, leader in manufacturing its own large-sized slabs and most sophisticated system in the world, is a modern and dynamic structure with a profound knowledge of the natural stone industry.




GammaStone AIR patented slabs are produced by means of sophisticated, state-of-the-art technological plants and systems that enable the realization of light panels in glass, natural stone and porcelain of large sizes up to 4200×1500 mm.
GammaStone AIR slabs are extremely lightweight and have a very high resistance to impacts, bending and compressions thanks to the use of excellent and innovative materials in the aerospace industry.
GammaStone AIR slabs represent a state-of-theart solution that guarantees high performance standards and offers an unparalleled aesthetic beauty far superior to any solution available today on the market.
The GammaStone AIR system enables the designer to respond excellently and in maximum safety to the increasing use of large-format panels to cover buildings.
The panels may be anchored mechanically, concealed or exposed, onto the substructure by means of specific fixtures. The guarantee of resistance to wind load is greatly superior to any Technical requirement imposed by the current regulations even in climatic zones subjected to weathering extremes such as monsoons and hurricanes.
GammaStone AIR is a product protected by patent (Patent No. RM2013A000068).

The GammaStone AIR panels, which have excellent technical characteristics, enable extraordinary finishings and are increasingly being incorporated in grand projects by internationally renowned architects and designers who always experiment new aesthetic and architectural solutions. GammaStone AIR system is suitable for any type of structure and purpose of internal and external use, such as: