Evolution is our Keyword

GammaStone® is synonymous with creativity and excellence, the qualities that stem from our 50 years of experience in the stone industry and our tireless dedication in realizing high performance products. Clients from all over the world have certified our products in terms of quality, versatility, reliability and performance. With its extensive experience in the stone industry, our company highlights the materials and brings out the utmost quality using modern technology and engineering.

Our panelized solutions can be made with a variety of materials such as natural stone, porcelain, glass, GFRC Plus, mosaic and brick. Each solution is characterized by compactness, excellent technical characteristics, extraordinary resistance and incomparable aesthetics that complement any architectural style. The countless number of Air Technology solutions fulfil any taste’s desire; the panels are suitable for the outdoor and indoor of all classic and modern projects.













Architectural Monolithic Elements

The GammaStone AIR system enables the designers to choose large-format lightweight panels with confidence. The panels are anchored mechanically either with concealed or visible fixings allowing simple attachment to the substrate. The main feature of GammaStone AIR system is the high level of workability and usage flexibility; the panels can be cut with different angles, glued with structural epoxy adhesives and reinforced by metal angle forming a single monolithic architectural element able to meet the most varied aesthetic and functional requirements of the buildings. These unique panels allow us to manufacture false beams or columns with complex and even irregular shapes or revitalize existing buildings with a new aesthetics. These items are manufactured entirely in our factory and delivered ready for installation on site.

Our Company

The company has the ISO 9001 certification issued by IMQ (Istituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità), Italy’s most important certification body and a European leader in assessments and laboratory testing for safety, quality, and sustainability. Our products are a combination of visual, technical and design quality flawlessness. The reliability and aesthetic perfection of our surfaces and facades are now an undisputed fact, accredited by important international certifications for the full range of products.


Our featured Works

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New D&G Store

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The Market Luxury Outlet

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Essex Crossing 3 – NYC

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Coop – Arona Center

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Our Skills

Research and development are the keys factors to succeed of producing large-sized format lightweight panels. GammaStone is well-known as the pioneer of the best solutions for the operators of the stone field. New product ideas, processes, and technologies are developed in the GammaStone laboratories, which enable them to emerge as leaders in the market.



Gammastone has developed an exceptional working relationship with many architectural firms around the world. Based on our reputation experience and expertise in exterior building façade systems. Owners and Architects routinely engage Gammastone early in the design of a project. This collaboration from the start of the design process helps eliminating problems before they become issues in construction.

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