Curtain Wall

Curtain Wall



The GammaStone AIR panels are applicable with the most common profiles for curtain wall on the market. They can be installed either with structural silicones or with profile stoppers. The use of panels profile stoppers allows the construction of the facade with “frames”.

GammaStone AIR panels are installable with the common curtain walls profiles available on the market. They can be installed both with structural silicone both with frames. The second option allows the realization of a “frame” façade.




GammaStone AIR panel lends can be used perfectly as the infilling element in curtain walls, both with mechanical retention and structural one. Regardless of the technology used for the structure of the curtain wall (mullion or transom, independent cells, or more traditional windows), GammaStone AIR panels can be used as infill ensuring the highest value in external finish. It also provides the best protection from flames coming from the inside of the building thanks to the steel sheet on the back of the panel itself. In this way, the fulfilling is completely incombustible from flame coming from the inside or the outside the building.

The rear stainless steel sheet is also perfectly compatible with the normal structural silicone (mono and bi-component) used in window frames for structural bonding of the glass and sheet metal panels. Therefore, GammaStone AIR can be pasted structurally on the façade grid, after ordinary checks required by current regulations and from international technical guidelines (For. Ex. ETAG002 – GUIDELINE FOR EUROPEAN TECHNICAL APPROVAL FOR STRUCTURAL SEALANT GLAZING SYSTEMS (SSGS).



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