The sunblades are a critical functional and aesthetic element of the cladding system of the buildings. They counteract the solar radiation coming inside the building, playing a decisive role in energy saving and allow to reduce the bright glare of the buildings’ interiors, thus increasing the comfort of living. The sunblades systems are realized in collaboration with specialized companies in this industry, providing the warranty on final products, that comprises the structure, the engine and any integrated home automation system that the designer may prefer.

The structural system components (uprights, tubular, lightened sabers and others) are sized according to the loads acting in the each specific intervention, and may be customized according to the needs of designers.



The functions performed by GammaStone AIR panels embrace many areas of the building cladding. Among these, they can be used to build sunscreens, which are widely recommended to reduce the thermal inputs of indoor environments strongly exposed to solar radiation. Moreover they constitute now an architectural motif that can characterize completely the aesthetics of the building.

The plenty of the available materials, which ranging from multiple colors ceramics to natural stones of various origin, allows the maximum architectural customization, promoting optimal integration of the shadings with the facades of the buildings in which they are installed.


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