Type of corners

Type of corners



The monolithic corners are produced with the most difficult and complicated angles to satisfy any architectural request needed in the project. They are made in our laboratories and give uniqueness to every project signed by GAMMASTONE, synonymous with excellence and elegance. Our long experience guarantees corners fabricated respecting the highest finishing standards. Imagine any material whose joint is almost invisible, in a way that the edges of some natural materials seem bent and not joined.

The attention to detail, the finishing of the materials, the leading technology and the uniqueness of the projects are the distinctive features of the high quality guaranteed by the company. GammaStone, an Italian company, leader in the design of ventilated façades, blends its experience on an intelligent and valuable product, unique in the world for design, innovation and technology. The advanced technology of software and machineries that fabricate each component, from the simplest to the most complex, together with the skillful and careful craftsmanship that assembles them, guarantee a production of high-quality value.


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