Author: Gioele Lupi

Panels and monolithic elements in Gres

The large GammaStone AIR porcelain panels revolutionize the concept of a continuous surface, opening new perspectives for design. Sizes are available up to 3075x1540mm, in a variety of aesthetic finishes and materials for all uses.Aesthetically beautiful and technically performing surfaces, GammaStone uses only the highest quality “Made in Italy” porcelain. Discover more:

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Natural Skin XXL

Natural Skin XXL – Natural panels for wall and floor. #panels#natural#stone#largeformat#lightweight#gammastone#panels#outdoor#interiors#home#design#architecture#madeinitaly Discover more:

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Hyatt Hotel, NYC

One of the tallest Hyatt hotels in the country, with 45 stories and over 500 rooms, it offers sweeping city views to the north and south, including the Empire State Building and Freedom Tower.The hotel’s facade is clad with GammaStone Natural AIR panels with 6mm thick, beige Portuguese stone.Our technology allows you to have all […]

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