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VITA Student

Location: #newcastleArchitect: @fusestudiosltdCompletion: July 2016 In respecting tradition designers do not have to sacrifice innovation when using GammaStone AIR. This architectural solution achieves energy efficiency, while maintaining traditional colors and design concepts of its surroundings. More details here:

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Symbiosis the new headquarters Fastweb in Milan. GammaStone takes part in one of the main development projects located in Milan, which dealt with the redevelopment of a historic industrial area. The innovative GammaStone Gres Air solution has been used for the external cladding as ventilated façade of the new Fastweb headquarters. The light brushstrokes alternate […]

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140 West 24th St Chelsea, Manhattan

The façade installation is complete on the tallest Hyatt hotel in the country!The hotel’s facade is clad with GammaStone Natural AIR panels with 6mm thick, beige portuguese stone. More details:

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Libeskind Tower

#Libeskind Tower located in #CityLife, Milan – The interior cladding of the tower is now complete!GammaStone Natural AIR in Carrara Marble forms pyramid shaped columns that fully meet Studio Libeskind design concept. More details:

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Invisible fixing system

The system consists of clips and rails manufactured by GammaStone in black anodized aluminum.The clip is fixed on the back of the panel GammaStone AIR with two rivets. The upper clips have holes where you can insert screws for adjustment.. Discover more:

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Richard Towers

The Richard Towers redevelopment project in Milan represents an excellent and innovative architectural design by BMS Progetti. The complex consists of 7 towers, where GammaStone provided the façade, pilasters, and string courses of the 18-storey Tower C with its customized GammaStone Gres AIR lightweight panels and pre-assembled shapes. The exclusively designed and customized corner solutions […]

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Reale Mutua Assicurazioni

Elegance and simplicity are the results of meticulous and creative work. The façade of the Reale Mutua Assicurazioni building designed in GammaStone Gres AIR panels is true example of this.The great workmanship has allowed for an incredible result and it showcases all the possibilities that are achievable with GammaStone AIR technology. Discover more:

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Boutique Prada Panamá

Absolute black is often associated with class, luxury, and elegance in fashion, as well as in architecture. GammaStone interpreted this timeless trend for a Prada boutique in Panama.In this project we wanted to honor this great Italian brand through the use of a precious material that enhances the distinction and exclusivity of Prada. Discover more: […]

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Panels and Glass elements

Glass is increasingly being incorporated into facades and is the latest architectural trends. Glass AIR offers architects a wide range of design solutions due to the color combinations, shapes, and modern aesthetics available. We have partnered with the most world renowned glass producers to offer multiple types of glass solutions – painted, reflective, screen-printed, and […]

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