Over 200 tests in the bestleading European and American laboratories


The company has the ISO 9001 certification issued by IMQ (Istituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità), Italy’s most important certification body and a European leader in assessments and laboratory testing for safety, quality, and sustainability. Our products are a combination of visual, technical and design quality flawlessness. The reliability and aesthetic perfection of our surfaces and facades are now an undisputed fact, accredited by important international certifications for the full range of products.


All GammaStone AIR panels (glass, stone Natural and porcelain tiles) underwent the rigorous testing required by international regulations. The results in terms of performance are striking, all GammaStone AIR products have amazing mechanical characteristics and very high safety and duration. The results also confirm that GammaStone AIR panels can be installed in the outside at the most extreme climatic conditions.


The test was performed in accordance with the EOTA standard guideline (European Organisation for Technical Approvals) ETAG 034-1:2012 April 2012 “Guideline for European technical approval of kits for external wall claddings – Part I:
Ventilated cladding kits comprising cladding components and associated fixings.” The sample was mounted on the test bench and was subjected to the test of resistance to wind load in depression, with measurement of the deformations under load and detection of residual deformations according to paragraph 5.4.1 “Wind load resistance” ETAG 034-1 : 2012. The test results proved to be exceptional in depression 4610 Pa (470 kg/sqm). TEST REPORT No. 309028


To ensure maximum safety, the façades GammaStone AIR have been subjected to rigorous tests required by the ETAG standard guidelines, conducted at the Istituto Giordano. The sample under test is a portion of the ventilated façade with concealed hangers and consists of the supporting structure in extruded aluminum profiles and brackets, external cladding of 3000×1000 mm sandwich panels with 15mm thickness finished with gres porcelain tiles.


The test was performed in accordance with the standard guidelines:
– ETAG 034-1:2012 April 2012 “Guideline for European technical approval of kits for external wall claddings – Part I: Ventilated cladding kits Comprising cladding components and associated fixings
– UNI EN 14019:2004 01/11/2004 of Curtain walling – Resistance to impact
– Performance requirements
Also this test proved extraordinary results. The panel resists to impacts by 0.5 and 1 kg hard body and 50 kg soft body. TEST REPORT No. 309029

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