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GammaStone® is synonymous with creativity and excellence, the qualities that stem from our 50 years of experience in the stone industry and our tireless dedication in realizing high performance products. Clients from all over the world have certified our products in terms of quality, versatility, reliability and performance. With its extensive experience in the stone industry, our company highlights the materials and brings out the utmost quality using modern technology and engineering. Our panelized solutions can be made with a variety of materials such as natural stone, porcelain, glass, GFRC Plus, mosaic and brick. Each solution is characterized by compactness, excellent technical characteristics, extraordinary resistance and incomparable aesthetics that complement any architectural style. The countless number of Air Technology solutions fulfil any taste’s desire; the panels are suitable for the outdoor and indoor of all classic and modern projects.

Our large-format panels are manufactured using the most sophisticated production technology in the world. The company is among the first ISO 9001 certified by IMQ (Istituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità), Italy’s most important certification body and a European leader in assessments and laboratory testing for safety, quality, and sustainability. GammaStone products are manufactured in compliance with the strict requirements of EOTA (European Organization for Technical Approval), the European institute that certifies product performance and sustainability.

GammaStone products have been nominated and granted with numerous awards based on their originality, innovation and functionality. Research and development have been the key parameters to succeed in the production of large-format lightweight panels. GammaStone is well-known for developing Creative and industry-leading solutions in cladding. New product ideas, processes, and technologies are developed everyday in GammaStone laboratories, which has enabled us to emerge as market leaders.



The structural core foam, which is mostly used for aerospace applications, provides the GammaStone AIR ventilated façade system lightness which is impossible to achieve with other material. GammaStone AIR panels have excellent technical characteristics, which enable extraordinary finishings finishes and are increasingly being incorporated in grand projects by internationally renowned architects and designers who always experiment with new aesthetic and architectural solutions. GammaStone AIR system is suitable for any type of structure and purpose of Interior and exterior use. Research and development are the keys factors to succeed of producing large-sized format lightweight panels. GammaStone is well-known as the pioneer of the best solutions for the operators of the stone field. New product ideas, processes, and technologies are developed in the GammaStone laboratories, which enable them to emerge as leaders in the market.

Gammastone Air Technology

GammaStone AIR patented panels are produced by state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that enables the production of lightweight panels in natural stone, porcelain, glass, GFRC Plus, mosaic, and brick in large-format sizes up to 4200x1500mm (approx. 13×5 feet). GammaStone AIR panels are extremely lightweight and have very high resistance to impact, bending, and compression from the use of innovative materials that are used in the aerospace industry. GammaStone AIR panels represent a state-of-the-art solution that guarantees high-performance standards and unparalleled aesthetic beauty. The GammaStone AIR system enables the designer to specify large-format panels with confidence. The panels are anchored mechanically allowing simple attachment to the substrate. The resistance to wind load is greatly superior to any technical requirement imposed by the current regulations even in climatic zones subject to weather extremes such as monsoons and hurricanes. The GammaStone AIR product is protected by patent (Patent No. RM2013A000068).

Large-format Size panels

(up to 4200×1600 mm)


Large-format and surprisingly lightweight panels are entirely assembled in our factory and are installed with ease using the most common hanging systems. GammaStone AIR panel represents an effective and extremely valid solution referring to architectural aspects for the cladding of structural elements such as steel girders and pillars or reinforced concrete, as well for the realization of volumetric elements on building façades.

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