New D&G Store


Luxury building

The new D&G store at The Dubai Mall is a sophisticated and complex design project, which has allowed GammaStone to show its best once again in terms of lightness and versatility. A perfect union between innovation and aesthetic value, supported by a glossy veined finish of extreme brilliance.

GammaStone created monolithic panels of large dimensions, over 4200x1600mm, assembling a large number of different pieces in macro elements and maintaining the continuity of the veined finish with animperceptible joint.

The result is a visual effect of absolute importance, which gives a tridimensional effect and dynamism to the entire façade on all its sides. GammaStone experiences a continuous industrial innovation, based on technical skills and specific technologies developed in the last years.

The GammaStone AIR system enables the designer to specify large-format panels with confidence. The panels are anchored mechanically either with concealed or visible fixings allowing simple attachment to the substrate.

The guarantee of resistance to wind load is greatly superior to any Technical requirement imposed by the current regulations even in climatic zones subjected to weathering extremes such as monsoons and hurricanes. GammaStone AIR is a product protected by patent.

Our production is also characterized by quality artisan finishing made possible by an experienced and professional team. An innovative solution, in which GammaStone demonstrated talent and passion.

The strategy of GammaStone is to pre-assemble all the elements in our factory, leaving the workers only the task of installing them on the substructure in the building site, has significantly reduced the installation time and guaranteed at the an impeccable final result, of considerable prestige.