Reale Mutua Assicurazioni

Reale Mutua Assicurazioni

Luxury office

Elegance and simplicity are the results of meticulous and creative work. The facade of Reale Mutua Assicurazioni building, realized with GAMMASTONE Gres AIR panels Kerlite Bergen Base shows the great craftsmanship of the workforce and the incredible result in terms of lightness achieved by GammaStone AIR technology.

The design of the new offices facades tries to establish a dialogue with the context of the surrounding buildings (dated XVIII – XIX century), looking for an integration of material, colors, proportions, alignments and yet to generate a gravity point in the urban environment, through a façade organization that is rigorous and sensitive, and relies on essential shapes – with a longer permanence in time and therefore capable of escape the mutability of fashion.

The building aims to be contemporary and at the same time intimately connected to the place… as if it had always been there, to communicate the solidity and permanence in time, values that represents Reale Mutua and Turin.

The GammaStone AIR system enables the designer to specify large-format panels with confidence. The panels are anchored mechanically either with concealed or visible fixings allowing simple attachment to the substrate. The resistance to wind load is greatly superior to any Technical requirement imposed by the current regulations even in climatic zones subjected to weathering extremes such as monsoons and hurricanes. GammaStone AIR is a product protected by patent. This project consists in an external cladding characterized by large window areas with ornamental architectural elements. The alternation between the glass and porcelain gres and the variable proportion of the windows size give dynamism and modernity to the façade. These features harmoniously match with the traditional color of the ceramic, ensuring a functional and prestigious result.