G’Day House

G’Day House

The house, designed by Mcleod Bovell Modern, is characterized by sliding doors without columns in the southeast corner. This solution allows, when the doors are open, to considerably enlarge the dimensions of the living area. All materials, shapes and spaces intended to evoke the feeling of a beach house: simple, casual and flexible.

The dining table and wood burning fireplace can be rotated to support a variety of arrangements depending on the weather and the number of guests. According to the family, the kitchen was to be the hub of home life. By combining the dining room and the kitchen in a single long space, the architects were able to satisfy the customers, also cutting a fraction of the courtyard for outdoor dining.

A pond and a fence on the staircase of the house connect this space with a south-facing terrace and a fenced garden to the north. This sequence of outdoor spaces from the courtyard to the terrace encourages guests to arrive directly in the kitchen.

Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses

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