The design of a cladding system of a new building whether it may be ventilated, micro-ventilated etc. is a complex procedure. It requires industrial planning criteria which should be considered and defined before beginning the realization in order to avoid substantial and / or unforeseen changes during the various stages of the manufacturing process.

GammaStone is able to develop projects considering the different modules of the façade: jointless architectural elements made or facade components like openings, string courses or other non-modular elements. Those elements are usually needed during renovations.

GammaStone technical department elaborates customized executive drawings in order optimize the number of cuts on the slab, to obtain faultless aesthetics in the combination of the formats avoiding wastage of valuable materials.

GammaStone Technical department consists of a team of architects and engineers aimed to develop projects following all the phase of the design process:

  • Acknowledgement of the projects and / or the architectural concept for the cladding system of the building;
  • Feasibility assessment;
  • Identification of the materials of the perimetric wall to be covered;
  • Definition of the structural plan and the respective general calculations;
  • Implementation of the projects executive drawings.

GammaStone offers the following integrated design services:

  • Development of construction drawing
  • Development of Records
  • Mounting plan
  • Dimensioning of the panels
  • Calculations of the joints
  • Optimization of scraps according to the dimensions of the slabs.
  • BOM Processing
  • Static analysis
  • Packing list processing

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