Product configurator

Product configurator

    GammaStone has developed its own web application to map the façade by a self-explanatory computation of the GammaStone panels and of the monolithic elements that compose it. This computation allows to customize a project and associate it with every single customer. This project contains all the information of technical and commercial aspects that will determine the Bill of Materials, the production process, the relative total cost and the cost for every piece and specific manufacturing technique applied.

    1) Inserting a new project associated with the customer, the site and the material;
    2) Technical computation with easy logical insertion of flat panels and assembled components with monolithic corners, with any additional manufacturing technique required;
    3) Verification of the total and specific costs of the project through a screen visualization of the project report.
    4) Commercial release of the quote / order resulted from the performed compilation.
    Thanks to this application the customer has a clear and detailed overview of all the layers and of all the GammaStone AIR materials used in the project.

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