Static Analysis

Static Analysis

    The static calculations consider a uniformly distributed unit load (weight, pressure and depression). The loads used for the different sizing procedures are evaluated using the principle of superposition (linear-elastic calculation). The procedures for designing all the elements of the façade are conform to the following combinations considering the most significant stresses (wind load, own weight, load from ice formations, seismic load).

    Note: the design of the façade elements will be provided for the combination of the most relevant load. Details relating to the design of the shelves, to the fastening of the bracket to the base material and fixing of the profile to the bracket are show in separate documents (statics of the system).

    Gammastone has developed an exceptional working relationship with many architectural firms around the world. Based on our reputation experience and expertise in exterior building façade systems. Owners and Architects routinely engage Gammastone early in the design of a project. This collaboration from the start of the design process helps eliminating problems before they become issues in construction.

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