140 West 24th St, New York

140 West 24th St, New York

Exterior facade

One of the tallest Hyatt hotels in the country standing at 46 stories with over 500 rooms, this hotel has sweeping city views to the north and south including of the Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower. This 45 story hotel rising out of New York’s Chelsea neighborhood can be seen from miles away as it reaches high above the neighboring buildings. With such a prominent exposure on all 4 sides, the design required a natural stone exterior to anchor it into the surrounding context. Also the façade was required to have all cladding and exterior insulation layers within only a 4” total system depth, while having some depth to account for tolerances on a very tall concrete superstructure.

Gammastone Natural AIR with beige Portuguese Limestone of 6mm thickness allows the natural stone to be utilized while meeting todays strict energy requirements. The unique ability of GammaStone to make special monolithic elements ready for installation contributes to the indisputable success of GammaStone AIR panels worldwide. They are the result of substantial investments in research and development, for advanced solutions; a philosophy that contributes to study and patent innovative construction systems. The elements as corners, soffits, ceilings, columns, beams, etc. are assembled entirely in our laboratories and are installed with extreme simplicity common anchorage systems. This system allows to produce large and surprising light architectural geometric elements, impossible to realize with traditional products. All GammaStone AIR artifacts have a real monolithic appearance and allow architects to realize highly complex elements without neglecting the minimum details.

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