Cepsa Service Station

Cepsa Service Station

Large ultralight panels tempered glass on the surface

CESPA opens its first service station in Tenerife showing up with the elegant choice of GammaStone Glass AIR solution. The use of large ultralight panels (tempered glass on the surface) with red “traffic light” color give an innovative appearance and match perfectly with the environmentally friendly approach of this modern station project. This is the first service station to have a smart building implementing a brand new construction model. Remarkably, this building incorporates the most advanced technologies in terms of energy saving. Among these, the GammaStone Glass AIR ventilated façade stands out, composed by a tempered glass that causes a significant reduction of heat dispersion.

Even if the majority of the panels are simple rectangular shapes, this project is strongly characterized by the realization of curved glass corners (with a radius of curvature of 450 mm). Moreover, the choice of using the same material for the cladding of the access doors, made them blend completely into the façade, enhancing the material continuity between the various surfaces. The result is a visual effect of absolute essentiality and linearity.

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