Coop – Arona Center

Coop – Arona Center

Renovation of an old building

The Coop. in Via Arona, Milan represents a flawless renovation of an old building which fits perfectly into an urban context close to the center of the city. This restyling demonstrates the high flexibility of the use of GammaStone Glass Air panels. The timeless beauty of the glass provides majesty and elegance to the building.

GammaStone Glass AIR panels are segmented and alternated giving a continuous movement to the entire facade. The result is a visual effect of absolute relevance, which gives dynamism from every angle and perspective; referring to the wave with a modern line project idea, which goes on from Via Arona to Corso Sempione.

The sinusoidal shape and the curved corner is the main character of the project. The idea of running it using a single color, which enhances the material continuity of the layer should be well-thought-out. The optical white with a mirrored finish follows a unique architectural line but at the same time brings out the well-known and irrefutable Coop. brand with bright tones.

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