Essex Crossing 3 – NYC

Essex Crossing 3 – NYC

Shopping Center

Essex Crossing 3 symbolizes the first model of GammaStone Brick Air in a curtain wall. Thanks to the collaboration and proficiency of all the cooperating companies, the “Facciavista Longformat” brick paneling is installed in continuous cells. One of the main characteristics of this highly technological product is its visual adaptableness. GammaStone’s Brick AIR is produced in an integrated modern line of production folowed by various tests.

GammaStone AIR slabs represent a state-of-the-art solution that guarantees high performance standards and offers an unparalleled aesthetic beauty. The GammaStone Brick AIR solution allows dry installation of Klinker or porcelain bricks with advantages of a fast installation and beautiful aesthetics. The panel is supplied and pointed with mortar ready for installation. The joints between panels are designed to guarantee a uniqueeffect on the entire facade.

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