LATTERIE INALPI is the first example of a façade made with GammaStone GFRC PLUS AIR panels in Italy.

The aesthetic peculiarity of this expansion project is the use of ultralight large slabs (size 1500 x 3000 mm) which enhance the material continuity between the cladding of the various surfaces, using monolithic edges as a solution in the windows and false ceiling.

Despite the GammaStone GFRC PLUS AIR technology allows a very wide texture customization, any color of the RAL scale and many types of finishing made with special silicone molds, in this project the design request leads to the choice of an optical white with rough finish, because the original design idea aimed to create an envelope that would give the building an idea of softness and purity with candid tones and at the same time following a defined architectural line.


The choice is however weighted because, despite having chosen an easily “damaging” color, the panel offers self-cleaning and photocatalytic characteristics thanks to the special patented ingredient TX Active. When enlightened from sunlight it allows to capture some pollutants in the air, turning them into inert salts and thus helping to reduce smog in the atmosphere.

In fact, the biodynamic cement preserves its aesthetic characteristics over time, reducing cleaning and aesthetic maintenance. Moreover it is twice as strong as an ordinary mortar and with a superior gloss to traditional white cements.

GammaStone GFRC PLUS AIR has achieved the desired result without any delay, enclosing all these features in one and inimitable product. It distinguishes itself once again for the light and easy installation, despite the large sizes.