Residential Building in Milan


External façade cladding

GammaStone helps making a reserved and silent area shine thanks to the external façade cladding of a new building for luxury residences located in the central Via Palermo – Milan, in the heart of the elegant Brera. The building stands on a lot of rather complicated geometry, where in the pastit was an abandoned scrub. The redevelopment of the area has been made through a meticulous research of materials and colors, that interact perfectly with the language of historical Milan, showing particular care for the green, which becomes a significant element of the entire project.

The building is also characterized by bright apartments, thanks to the large windows and slightly off-axis corner balconies, with construction systems oriented to maximum sustainability. The ultralight large size slabs by GammaStone Natural AIR in Basalt and Peperino follow one another along the façade with extreme regularity, setting a perfect purposely studied game of joints and alternations.

The neutral black and grey tones of the natural stones, Basalt and Peperino, allow a contemporary compositional building, in contrast with the surrounding context, to be in line with the landscape both from the tonal and material point of view. The fine stone finishes lead back to a desired enrichment of the building. Both stones are volcanic and their origin generates, a particular technical aspects, which guarantee its resistance over time. Besides, they have been recommended because they represent a cult in the street furniture.

The modular facades of the large-format façade in peperino natural stone, typical of the Lombard tradition, are interrupted by staggered floor-to-ceiling windows. The satisfactory result definitely looks worth the wait. It has brilliantly passed all the quality standards required in the design phase.

The design concept has been entirely entrusted to the architect Carlo Donati who, together with the AIR technology, succeeded in interacting the requirements dictated by the artistic direction with those dictated by the client, thanks also to the tangible dedication and professionalism of GammaStone.

GammaStone AIR slabs represent a state-of-the-art solution that guarantees high performance standards and offers an unparalleled aesthetic beauty. The GammaStone AIR system enables the designer to specify large-format panels with confidence.

The basement in black basalt stone, interrupted by profiles in burnished brass, accentuates the overhang of the overlying volume, while the wall on the street that tilts inwards is covered with bronzed micro-perforated sheet.