A contemporary garden city

GammaStone participates in a modern urban and landscape redevelopment project in Milan, SeiMilano. A contemporary neighborhood, an “inhabited park” at the service of the city. A new place to live, not only for residents but for all citizens.

SeiMilano is the result of the partnership between Borio Mangiarotti and Värde Partners to create a multifunctional district integrated into a park, designed by Studio Mario Cucinella Architects (MC A) and by the International Landscape Designer Studio Michel Desvigne (MDP).

The exterior design is unique and extremely original characterized by a mosaic of perfectly white windows and facades that come together to create an unparalleled geometric pattern. In the choice of materials, the designers favored resistance and respect for nature.

The external cladding of the two buildings is made with the innovative GammaStone UHPC Plus AIR solution in white Bergen finish. The panels, which reach a maximum size of 1000×4000 mm, cover the structure like a real architectural skin.