Symbiosis, Milan


New headquarters Fastweb

GammaStone takes part in one of the main development projects located in Milan, which dealt with the redevelopment of a historic industrial area, transforming it into a new executive center, dedicated to smart working and co-working. Symbiosis is not just an engineering project, but it is a project that integrates sustainability with architecture, where offices, green areas and multifunctional spaces coexist to optimize and improve the quality of work and life in a new strategic vision of the city.

Exclusive and intelligent spaces created with attention to the finishes design and quality, which adopt high quality standards and guarantee reduced maintenance costs over time. The innovative GammaStone Gres Air solution has been used for the external cladding as ventilated façade of the new Fastweb headquarters. The light brushstrokes alternate with the large windows, showing a linear laying with a schematic and clean architectural concept.

The workspaces are lit through wide full-height glass windows, contaminated settings that create the ideal habitat for cooperation and development of new ideas. The new public spaces at ground level aim to become a reference point for the district’s community and a meeting place for outdoor activities, integrating work and leisure time. The large glass façades of the building establish a connection between the internal and external environment, and the choice of a neutral ceramic material for the external coating gives a touch of absolute modernity. The white color, practical and undoubtedly refined, adapts naturally to the environment and refers to the concept of practicality responding as well to the current need of the digital reality of the company. GammaStone demonstrates to be up to expectations and is once again effectively projected into the future.