Virgin Hotel

Virgin Hotel

Proficiently creates the entrance

Once again, GammaStone leaves its mark and proficiently creates the entrance of the well-known “Commons Club” restaurant
located in the H Virgin Hotel, Chicago. The “First Choice” Carrara White Marble chosen by the client enhances the entrance and gives a touch of elegance to a place frequented by many VIP customers. The design was chosen focusing on GammaStone Natural AIR cladding. The panels converge in the direction of the entrance which have an inviting concept. The panels are three inclined surfaces which come together in a single calculated point with peculiar asymmetric cuts and rounded edges. Although the panels have altered geometries but the structure is coplanar and homogeneous. A careful architectural study enhances the veins of the stone, which follow a precise composition. In the cutting of the pieces a gap of 6mm is considered, in order to give an overall continuity in the whole assembly.

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