Prodotti Restyling

Panels of surprising lightness



L’azienda è tra i primi certificati ISO 9001 dall’IMQ (Istituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità). I prodotti GammaStone sono fabbricati in conformità con i severi requisiti dell’EOTA (European Organization for Technical Approval), l’istituto europeo che certifica le prestazioni e la sostenibilità del prodotto.



La schiuma con anima strutturale, utilizzata principalmente per applicazioni aerospaziali, fornisce al sistema di facciata ventilata GammaStone AIR la leggerezza che è impossibile ottenere con altri materiali. I pannelli GammaStone AIR presentano eccellenti caratteristiche tecniche, che consentono finiture di finitura straordinarie e vengono sempre più integrati in grandi progetti da architetti e designer di fama internazionale che sperimentano sempre nuove soluzioni estetiche e architettoniche.



I prodotti GammaStone sono stati nominati e assegnati con numerosi premi in base alla loro originalità, innovazione e funzionalità. Ricerca e sviluppo sono stati i parametri chiave per avere successo nella produzione di pannelli leggeri di grande formato.

Gammastone Air Technology

GammaStone AIR patented panels are manufactured by state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment enabling the production of lightweight natural stone, porcelain, glass, GFRC Plus, mosaic and brick panels in large format sizes up to 4200x1500mm (approximately 13 × 5 feet) . GammaStone AIR panels are extremely light and have a very high resistance to shocks, bending and compression resulting from the use of innovative materials used in the aerospace industry.

GammaStone AIR panels represent a cutting-edge solution that guarantees high performance standards and unparalleled aesthetic beauty. The GammaStone AIR system allows the designer to confidently specify large format panels. The panels are mechanically anchored allowing a simple fixing to the support. The resistance to wind load is considerably higher than any technical requirement imposed by current regulations even in climatic areas subject to extreme weather conditions such as monsoons and hurricanes. The GammaStone AIR product is protected by a patent (patent n. RM2013A000068).

Large Format Panels (over 4200×1600 mm)

The large format and surprisingly light panels are fully assembled in our factory and are easily installed using the most common suspension systems. The GammaStone AIR panel represents an effective and extremely valid solution in reference to architectural aspects for the cladding of structural elements such as steel or reinforced concrete beams and pillars, as well as for the creation of volumetric elements on building facades.

Refinement, Quality And Solutions

GammaStone products have been nominated and granted with numerous awards based on their originality, innovation and functionality. Research and development have been the key parameters to succeed in the production of large- format lightweight panels. GammaStone is well-known for developing Creative and industry-leading solutions in cladding. New product ideas, processes, and technologies are developed everyday in GammaStone laboratories, which has enabled us to emerge as market leaders.

Gres Air

GammaStone AIR solution in porcelain gres is available in large-format sizes utilizing the new slim manufacturing techniques.
It ‘a high technology product which allows mechanical installation of 3/6 mm thick ceramic slabs and the realisation of architectural monolithic elements.

Natural Air

GammaStone AIR solution in natural stone allows the mechanical installation of large panel sizes formed with marble, granite, limestone or travertine. It can be used to make beams, columns and any other architectural element with a monolithic result, creating the effect of one piece.

Glass Air

GammaStone AIR’s in lightweight back-lacquered glass allows the mechanical installation, both indoor and outdoor, of extremely lightweight panels in large-formatsizes. It also provides a high level of resistance against breakage by shock, far superior to traditional solutions with laminated glass.


The panel is composed by an ultra-thin mortar slab (high-performance photocatalytic and self-cleaning, reinforced with amorphous metal fibers), a structural core interposed between two fiberglass mats and a 0.5 mm stainless steel plate.

Mosaic Air

GammaStone Mosaic AIR solution allows mechanical installation of ceramic or glass mosaic with the advantage of fast installation and beautiful aesthetics. The panel is supplied with epoxy resins within the joints and ready for installation.

Brick Air

GammaStone Brick AIR solution allows dry installation of Klinker or porcelain bricks with advantages of a fast installation and beautiful aesthetics. The panel is supplied and pointed with mortar ready for installation.

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