Dimensional Natural Travertine

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KingStone has been operating in the sector of extraction, processing and sale of natural stones for four generations,
a culture since 1870 handed down by tradition of expert stonemasons and quarrymen.

Over the years, the family has been involved in the cultivation and recovery of various marble and travertine quarries, in Italy and abroad.
A first pink marble quarry was cultivated by the family in the 1950s on the slopes of Mount Soratte.












KingStoneWHITE – Vein Cut/Controfalda











KingStoneWHITE – Cross Cut/In falda


Certifications & Technical Sheets

The geotechnical characteristics of the stone have been certified by accredited laboratories through rigorous tests in compliance with UNI EN ISO standards.

Features Techniques


Geological location
> Quaternary – Holocene

> Limestone deposit
sub-aircraft chemist,
of recent training
(quaternary) from saturated waters
of calcium carbonate
(Ca CO3).











KingStoneCLASSIC – Vein Cut/Controfalda











KingStoneCLASSIC – Cross Cut/In falda


The advantages of travertine

Unalterable beauty





















The low porosity and high density of this stone makes it resistant to the production of mold, fungi and bacteria. Fully compatible with food.



It is resistant to UV radiation and always maintains the same color as on the first day.



The low porosity makes this material resistant to stains, with anti-graffiti properties.



It does not require special cleaning products.



It is resistant to UV radiation and always maintains the same color as on the first day.

Cava Grassano

Extraction stages





















The first phase consists in making the horizontal cut on the mountain. The protagonist of this process is the chain saw, an innovative machine on rails, which makes precise cuts in the rock penetrating like the blade of a knife.



The second phase consists in the vertical cut to the mountain and with which a portion of rock called ‘bank’ is separated from the marble mass by using the diamond wire machine.



The third phase consists in squaring the blocks: the now overturned bank is divided into portions by using the diamond wire machine.




















































The company operates in compliance with all mandatory rules and good practice. The degree of attention paid to the workers employed for whom objectives of maximum safety and comfort are pursued is significant. The company rigorously applies the provisions of Legislative Decree 624/96, of the Presidential Decree 128/59 and of the Legislative Decree. n. 81/2008. The compliance with BS OHSAS 18001: 1999, an international standard for the management of workers’ safety and health, is representative.


Kingtone has always considered fundamental, in carrying out its production and extraction activities, the needs of respect for the environment and in particular that of landscape protection aimed at restoring and preserving the quality of the territory. The company adopts the innovative cultivation system “by sectors”, whereby the recovery of the area takes place at the same time as the extraction works. The quarry area of the cultivated sector is returned to its agricultural purpose already during the cultivation of the next sector. Before the start of cultivation, the soils are subjected to geochemical analyzes in order to identify the “0” point not to be altered. Furthermore, in compliance with international environmental protection standards, all the guidelines of the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard are adopted.

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