Glass Air

Glass panel

18 mm (≈ 11/16”), 16 mm (≈ 5/8”)

4200×1500 mm (165,36”x 59,06”), 3200×1500 mm (126”x 59”)

32 colors, other colors on request

Float, Tempered



The glass, with its timeless beauty and extreme flexibility of use, gives majesty and elegance to the buildings and places. The wide selection of colors, the various compositions and processes allow to meet all architecture requirements and endless customization. The most important glass manufacturers in the world, our partners, enable us to offer multiple solutions: varnished, reflecting, screen-printed glass and more. Available sizes up to 4200×1500 mm and all subsizes obtained by cutting the standard ones. All GammaStone Glass AIR panels can be customizes following specific designer’s needs, see the “Working techniques” annex. The panel is composed of a ultraslim glass slab, a structural core inserted between two fiberglass matting and a stainless steel plate of 0,5 mm thickness. The float or tempered glass is applied depending on the sizes and required applications.

The unique ability of GammaStone to make special monolithic elements ready for installation contributes to the indisputable success of GammaStone AIR panels worldwide. They are the result of substantial investments in research and development, for advanced solutions; a philosophy that contributes to study and patent innovative construction systems. The elements as corners, soffits, ceilings, columns, beams, etc. are assembled entirely in our laboratories and are installed with extreme simplicity common anchorage systems. This system allows to produce large and surprising light architectural geometric elements, impossible to realize with traditional products. All GammaStone AIR artifacts have a real monolithic appearance and allow architects to realize highly complex elements without neglecting the minimum details.

Glass Optical White
Via Arona, Milan
Glass Red Traffic
Glass Blu Distant
Asti (Italy)
Glass Red Extra White Ice
Milan (Italy)
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