Columns and Stringcourses

GammaStone produces monolithic columns and stringcourses of large dimensions already assembled and ready to be installed with perfect finishes.

Type of Corners

Our long experience guarantees corners fabricated respecting the highest finishing standards. Imagine any material whose joint is almost invisible, in a way that the edges of some natural materials seem bent and not joined.

Curved Panels

GammaStone produces Curved Panels in different materials, laboratory-made respecting all quality and security standards and ready to be installed.

Closed Joint

This kind of application allows GammaStone to offer a ventilated façade with the appearance of a typical full stone with grouted joints.

Doors Coating

This solution allows to have the continuity between the façade and the door, providing an incomparable aesthetic effect. Thanks to the large panel sizes the door will be made of one GammaStone panel with the same finish of the façade.