UHPC Plus Air



GammaStone 2021 new product

GammaStone UHPC Plus AIR is an ultra-high performance concrete panel that is lightweight and extremely strong.  Architects can design the façade is UHPC Plus to achieve a concrete appearance without intensely stressing the underlying structure – making it a unique solution for high-rise buildings. The UHPC Plus AIR panel consists of a thin ultra-high performance concrete slab and a structural core placed between two glass fiber mats and supported by a 0.5 mm thick stainless steel plate. The total panel thickness is 17mm and the total weight is 18kg/sqm. The maximum size is 4150x1650mm. Made-to-size elements are cut to the correct size with water jets.  All GammaStone UHPC Plus AIR panels can be customized in shape, color, and surface finish to suite the designer’s requirements.

What is UHPC?
Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is a type of concrete which has very high flexural and compressive strength and is used for heavy-duty applications.

Why choose UHPC for architectural applications?
GammaStone has developed a high-performance cementitious mortar specifically for façade applications. It has been designed for external use and is therefore very flexible and resistant to all types of natural external stress.

Less is more
UHPC is much stronger than classic GFRC and therefore its performance is more comparable to steel than to concrete.

Material Characteristics
GammaStone UHPC Plus AIR is the result of extensive research into aggregates and hydraulic binders.

It guarantees a high resistance to bending, compression, and impact because the molecules are extremely thin and there are no pores in the mortar.

Freeze/Thaw Performance
Since the molecules are so thin and poreless, unlike traditional concrete, GFRC, or fiber cement, UHPC absorbs much less water.  This makes it much more resistant to freezing/thawing conditions because it will not crack or degrade over time.  It is also performs well in locations exposed to salt spray.

Environmental Impact
The production of UHPC at GammaStone’s facility respects all environmental standards. Furthermore, since the thickness of the cement is lower, the environmental impact is less since we use less material.

Design Options Comparison: GammaStone UHPC with other GFRC
The quality of GammaStone’s UHPC surface is aesthetically superior to other types of materials, as the colors are more saturated and more resistant to UV rays.  Since it is a very thin and fluid compound it follows exactly the surface finish of the panel ensuring an even application and not interfering with its aesthetic appearance.

Strength + Stability Comparison: GammaStone UHPC with other GFRC
In contrast, UHPC panels can be up to four times stronger, with stand much higher loads, are much more stable and have low thermal expansion.

16 mm (5/8″)

4150×1650 mm (163-25/64”x 64-61/64”)

17  colors, other colors on request

11 treatments