The house of music

The house of music

Located in Brunico, in South Tyrol, Italy, the project consists of the expansion of the music school, located in the historic Villa Ragen villa. The difficulty of the project was that of configuring an extension that would allow to preserve the character of the historical center of Brunico and to highlight the majestic villa.

The extension consists of two floors: one is semi-buried and the other forms the garden. The latter becomes the central space of the project, which closely links the existing building and the extension. It is a large and peaceful space, which creates through its comfortable atmosphere a space for study and an ideal place for concerts or events.

Outside, the new school is characterized by a continuous classical wall in which the new entrance is inserted, a delicate connection that will allow you to glimpse the internal garden. The rehabilitation of Casa Ragen is characterized by the new configuration of its interior patio. A new roof characterizes and transforms this space through a glass system and adjustable slats

Barozzi Veiga

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